the support crew

My support team is made up of my father Edward Allhusen, Matt Brown, Henry Head, Tom Williams, Tom Price, Alex Maclennan, Martin Bolton and Ben Leigh. A strong Richmond Rugby contingent who will all bring their own skill set to the crossing. Ben and Alex have also offered to swim alongside me for a few of the hours which will be great.

My support crew will be critical to the crossing. A possible calorie burn of 15,000, equivalent to 153 slices of bread, 136  baked potatoes or 288 apples is the amount of nutrition required. Whilst the staple food will be a carbohydrate shake the odd pork pie or sausage roll will certainly raise moral!

Special thanks to:-

Ben Leigh and Martin Bolton for hours of tedious paddle boarding off the Dorset coast.

Katie Branigan for paddle boarding next to me on the Devon Coast.

Mark Smith, Alex Maclennan and Tom Williams for swimming next to me in Kent and Dorest for hours on end.

James and Jenny Skinner for kayak support and feeding tired swimmers in Kent.

Matt Brown for his technical wizardry in putting this website together.

My Support team for moral support, constantly expressing incredulity as well as feeding me those sausage rolls when I am in the channel.

But most of all to you my supporters for helping me to raise funds for the two worthwhile causes I am championing. Your help will alleviate suffering and save lives.

I hope to share the good news of a successful crossing in late September!

Watch my YouTube interview with Richmond Rugby by clicking here and see some brilliant support messages on my instagram account.

I’m so grateful for the support and supplies the team at getbuzzing have provided, I love their High Protein Bars and Flapjacks and they keep me going through the many many hours of training.

Training for swimming the channel hasn’t been easy but with expert help from Aret√© Performance I have been able to train specifically for this endurance event both in and out the water.

It’s been great to have the support of madeupeventsanddesign and their technical wizardry and knowhow in setting up my website, social media and how a challenge like this should be showcased.